The goal of this portfolio page is to regroup the work that I did in my classes and in the different professional positions that I held. It will give you a more concrete idea of the abilities and skills listed in my resumé.

Portfolio: Developer

This portfolio started when my Google project finished. After spending so much time learning and working on in the Summer of 2006, I wanted to keep contributing. I became an official developer on September 21st 2006. I am currently working on the implementation of native Mac OS X controls. You can see the code and the articles that I wrote so far.



Portfolio: Google Summer of Code 2006

My project proposal consisted of joining the Mac OS X native porting team of and learning everything needed to contribute code that would be part of the native version of the CVS tree. The project timeline was as follows:



Portfolio: Sun Campus Evangelist

My responsability was to represent Sun Microsystems, Inc. on campus and to make presentations targeted at Computer Science students and Engineering students. The goal of these presentations was to make student developers aware of Sun's new technology on both the hardware side and the software side. Sun had recently introduced an initiative, which goal was to make their developer tools more popular by making them freely available to students. I had to tell student developers about it, demonstrate the products and encourage them to start using them. The following portfolio regroups the slides and flyer for each of the 3 talks I gave during the Spring of 2006.

The slides were created using Impress and the flyers were designed with Adobe Illustrator.



Portfolio: Data Structures

I took CS 367: Data Structures, in the Spring of 2003. I implemented many data structures and algorithms in Java during this class. I recently decided to rework the Java implementations and write a C++ version as well. I did this to review the topic of data structures that I really like and also to become even more comfortable with C++. This is currently a work in progress and not yet complete. I will post an archive of the library, when it is worth downloading ;).