On you will find information describing my professional life. I recently graduated from the Department of Computer Sciences at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and received my Bachelor of Sciences degree.

Career Objectives

I am looking for an entry-level software engineering position in which I can start my professional life in the industry and later on grow and take on more leadership-oriented responsibilities. I am considering both the Silicon Valley region and the South Florida region.

Professional Experience

My last position was as a member of the Google Summer of Code 2006 Program in which I worked on the native version of for the Mac. I was the only student, among 12 that applied for a Mac-related project, to be selected. My project consisted of converting X11 dependent functions to native OS X functions using the Carbon API. I implemented window behavior functions such as the full screen capability, some graphics rendering functions to draw geometric shapes (lines, polygons) using Quartz and also native controls (buttons, checkboxes, scrollbars...) using the HITheme API.

I used C/C++ extensively in this project and throughout my college career, I am therefore very comfortable with this language. I also know Java that I used during the 4 years of my curriculum. I am currently preparing for the Sun Certified Programmer exam for the J2SE 1.5 platform to get an industry-oriented evaluation of my knowledge of Java.

I am extremely comfortable with UNIX/Linux and Mac OS X that I have used as my programming environments of choice throughout my curriculum and I am very comfortable with Microsoft Windows and Solaris as well.


My extreme motivation when it comes to learning new skills and my creativity make me a strong candidate for a position that is both challenging and requires high-quality results. I can learn quickly and I am very comfortable in fast-paced environments where dedication and the ability to manage multiple tasks are valued.


Both my experience as a Sun Campus Evangelist for Sun Microsystems, Inc. and as the treasurer of the Tau chapter of Sigma Pi Fraternity, Intl. allowed me to acquire very good written and oral skills. I know how to advertise, organize and present material in a clear and concise manner.

My experience in the Summer of Code program gave me the opportunity to become comfortable working in a team and working on a large programming project. I know how to report my progress and how to interact in a way relevant to the team using wikis, blogs and IRC channels. I also know how to be comfortable in understanding the interaction of the various modules composing an important programming project. My resume describes my education and my experience in a greater detail. Thank you for your time and interest.

Enjoy browsing!

- Pierre de Filippis